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Kuranda Skyrail | Discover Australian Rainforests from Above

Make the best of your visit to the Kuranda Scenic Railway and get an aerial view of the magnificent Kuranda Rainforest as you ride the Skyrail. A model for future developments in sustainable tourism, the Skyrail highlights the critical balance between human enjoyment of natural wonders and the preservation of our planet's fragile ecosystems. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Kuranda Skyrail to make the best of your Kuranda experience.

What is Kuranda Skyrail?

Kuranda Skyrail

Located in the World Heritage Area of the Wet Tropics of Queensland, the Kuranda Skyrail is better known as the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and runs above the Barron Gorge National Park. Completed in 1995, it was once the longest gondola cableway. Gliding only a few metres above the treetops, each gondola can hold up to 6 people and provides stunning views of the dense Australian vegetation in the MacAlister Range, along with Barron Falls and Red Peak. 

To make the best of your visit to Kuranda, take a panoramic ride to Kuranda on the Kuranda Scenic Railway, explore the rainforest and other tourist attractions nearby like the Butterfly Sanctuary and  Kuranda Village, and end your itinerary with mesmerising aerial views of the forest with the Kuranda Skyrail.

Why Visit Kuranda Skyrail?

Kuranda Skyrail
  • Exceptional rainforest experience: Gain a unique perspective of the rainforest canopy while soaring above lush greenery.
  • Breathtaking views: Marvel at the stunning views of waterfalls, Barron Gorge, and the surrounding rainforest.
  • Educational tours: Participate in guided ranger tours and explore interpretive boardwalks to learn about the rainforest's flora and fauna.
  • Eco-friendly adventure: Embrace an environmentally responsible way to explore the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area via the Skyrail.
  • Accessibility features: Enjoy wheelchair and stroller access throughout most areas of the Skyrail, making it a convenient option for all visitors.

Plan Your Visit to Kuranda Skyrail

Opening Hours
Kuranda Skyrail

Open every day: 8:30 AM to 4:45 PM

Last Departure from Smithfield: 1:15 PM

Last Departure from Kuranda: 3:30 PM

One-way Duration: 1.5 hours; Two-way Duration: 2.5 hours

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit the Kuranda Skyrail is during the dry season (May to October), as the weather is more pleasant and there is less chance of rain. However, even during the wet season (November to April), visitors can still enjoy the lush rainforest landscape.

Kuranda Skyrail

The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway runs above the Barron Gorge National Park. 

Starting Point: Smithfield Terminal (Cairns), Smithfield QLD 4878, Australia. Find on Maps

Ending Point: Kuranda Terminal, LOT 701 Arara St, Kuranda QLD 4881, Australia. Find on Maps

The Kuranda Skyrail is approximately a 15-minute drive from the city centre and offers ample parking for guests.

Kuranda Skyrail
  • The gondolas and all the stops of the Skyrail are wheelchair accessible with ramps. The operator will stop the cableway to easily get into the gondola. 
  • There are wheelchair-accessible toilets throughout the experience. 
  • You can request a wheelchair based on availability. 
  • You can contact the Skyrail reservations team if you wish to avail of Companion Card privileges.

Kuranda Skyrail Highlights

Kuranda Skyrail

Rainforest Canopy Views

The Kuranda Skyrail offers a unique opportunity to glide above the rainforest canopy, providing unrivalled views of the lush vegetation and its diverse flora and fauna. As you take in the picturesque scenery, you'll truly appreciate the beauty and richness of the rainforest ecosystem.

Kuranda Skyrail

Barron Gorge and Waterfalls

One of the most awe-inspiring sights along the Skyrail journey is the magnificent Barron Gorge and its cascading waterfalls. The scenic cableway makes a stop at Barron Falls and allows visitors to experience these breathtaking natural wonders up close and personal, providing unforgettable photo opportunities and memories.

Kuranda Skyrail

Red Peak Station

As one of the two mid-stations on the Skyrail journey, the Red Peak Station lets passengers alight to explore the rainforest canopy further. There are guided tours and boardwalks available to help visitors better understand and appreciate the unique environment, as well as offering stunning views.

Kuranda Skyrail

Kuranda Village

At the end of your Skyrail adventure, you'll arrive at the charming village of Kuranda. This picturesque destination boasts numerous attractions, such as the famous Kuranda Markets, Butterfly Sanctuary, and Birdworld. As you wander the vibrant streets, you can immerse yourself in the local culture and create lasting memories of your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kuranda Skyrail

What is Kuranda Skyrail?

Kuranda Skyrail is a scenic cableway in Cairns, Australia, that offers breathtaking views of the rainforest, waterfalls, and Barron Gorge while connecting Cairns to the village of Kuranda.

Where can I buy Kuranda Skyrail tickets?

You can purchase Kuranda Skyrail tickets online through their official website or at the Skyrail ticket counter upon arrival. A great way to make the best of your visit to Kuranda is to purchase a combo ticket to both the Kuranda Scenic Railway and the Kuranda Skyrail. Book Kuranda Scenic Railway tickets online.

Can I visit Red Peak Station and Barron Falls Station with Kuranda Skyrail tickets?

Yes, your Kuranda Skyrail tickets include access to both Red Peak Station and Barron Falls Station, where you can explore the rainforest through boardwalks and ranger-guided tours.

Are there combo tickets for both Kuranda Scenic Railway and Kuranda Skyway?

Yes, there is a variety of combo options available for Kuranda Scenic Railway tickets, including the Kuranda Skyway. Book your Kuranda Scenic Railway tickets online.

When was Kuranda Skyrail built?

The Kuranda Skyrail was completed and inaugurated in 1995.

Where is Kuranda Skyrail located?

The first terminal (Smithfield terminal) of the Kuranda Skyrail is located at Smithfield QLD 4878, Australia, a 15-minute drive from Cairns city centre.

What are the timings of Kuranda Skyrail?

Kuranda Skyrail generally operates from 8:30 AM to 4:45 PM, but timings may vary seasonally. We recommend taking a look at the Skyrail timetable before you book your tickets around peak season and special holidays.

Is the Kuranda Scenic Railway included with Skyrail tickets?

While the Kuranda Skyrail offers its own tickets, you can also purchase a combo of the Skyrail and Kuranda Scenic Railway tickets online.

What is the length of the Kuranda Skyrail cableway?

The Kuranda Skyrail Cableway is 7.5 km long, making it the longest cableway to exist when it was first opened.